“Universal design”

Mobile telephone “PAN AM”

In a pioneering project with Trety LTD & DFG Deutsche Fernsprecher GmbH, Reload developed a new mobile telephone solution for senior citizens. The Baby boomers generation is a curious and young at heart customer group always looking to travel to new destinations and to experience new cultures. The PAN AM concept was therefore developed using a rugged polycarbonate outer shell with a soft touch inner cover. The design incorporates easy to read curved metallized buttons, reversed antiglare OLED screen and a high-powered LED flashlight to ensure that the phone is an easy to use travel tool in any environment.
“When I pointed out that any cell phone can be programmed to a simple way of operating, they laughed until they cried. ‘Hit one wrong button and you’re screwed! ‘ said one old guy. They don’t want programming and in particular NO MENUS.
- What the Elderly Want in a Cell Phone, The Consumerist

End user research

By using Universal Design principals, Reload created a mobile telephone design that greatly improved the phone´s ergonomics and usability without stigmatizing the user as “handicapped”. End user research tools and tests enhanced our understanding of the customer group, enabling us to develop, evaluate and improve the handling and usage of the mobile telephone.


Designing for the Silver generation

Baby boomers have a positive view on retirement. Retirement is a time to be happy and to focus on themselves. Retirement is to be spent on wellness and health, traveling, relaxation, becoming debt free, and hobbies. Retirees do not perceive themselves as “old”. Any product designed for the Silver generation must therefore be developed with this in mind in order to captivate both their hearts and their minds.