Welcome to Reload!

We at Reload have spent the past 25 years strengthening our clients’ brands by unleashing the hidden opportunities within their products.
In doing so we have created long lasting collaborations with companies in local and international markets, helping them maintain and improve customer global awareness.
We believe integrating product strategies with design solutions will improve your business offerings by creating a competitive edge and a coherent product portfolio. To better understand how we can help your business, review our case studies from our diverse client portfolio.

Selected works

IRB 8700 with person

ABB IRB 8700

Brand alignment and low cost of ownership where driving factors in the design development of IRB 8700 Industrial robot targeted for the automotive industry. During the design process, high focus was set on efficient manufacturing and material utilization, which made …

1-1 Nexus Featured

neXus Cidron Card Reader Family

A security card reader system has many user needs to take into consideration. The property owner, architects, installer, service technician and finally the end user pressing the buttons. After interviews, field tests and desk research, Reload designed the perfect buttons …

Mini swinging brush MSB

DeLaval Mini Swinging Brush

The well-being of the animal is key in the diary industry. One way to keep the animal happy and healthy is to give them a nice relaxing massage. Reload was driving the mechanical and design concepts to a product that …


STILLE imagiQ2

STILLE was founded in 1841 and is one of the oldest medical device companies in the world today. The new STILLE imagiQ2 patient positioning system, designed by Reload, is the market’s first low dose tables developed for image-guided endovascular procedures. …

MBR Featured

Ericsson Mobile Broadband Routers

The second generation of Ericsson Mobile Broadband Router (MBR), was developed by a multinational team of suppliers, where Reload was directly responsible for the development of the product design, packaging design, communication and sales materials. The MBR is available today …


DeLaval Flow Design

A brand is a promise. Any product labeled DeLaval promises customers that they will gain better control over their milk production. To clearly communicate this promise, Reload has developed and implemented the DeLaval Flow product design language over the past …