“Optimum design”

Hypercom Optimum P2100

The Optimum series was designed by Reload to fulfill the complex certifications demanded by the EMEA region including the Disability Discrimination Act required for retailers throughout Europe. The Optimum T2100 & P2100 is a portfolio of powerful, multi-application point-of-sale (POS) card payment solutions combining both swipe and smart card readers that are secure and easy to use. By implementing a simplified keypad layout with internationally-recognized tactile identifiers, concave keys to minimize keying errors and an adjustable terminal mount, we ensured that the terminal functions were accessible for all. The successful Optimum T2100 and P2100 series are widely recognized POS solutions in the retail landscape today with over 1 million units installed worldwide since 2005.
“Our new products are highly competitive in most international markets and we intend to aggressively pursue every relevant business opportunity and leverage key growth and technology drivers.”
- William Keiper Chief Executive Officer & President, Hypercom corp.