“One user Experience”

DeLaval interaction design

DeLaval milking systems are being used every day by over 1 million farmers in more than 100 markets. Reload has collaborated with DeLaval to create & implement “One user experience” in all of DeLaval dairy and herd management systems with the mission of shortening learning curves, bridging language barriers and creating a recognizable DeLaval way of interacting with integrated solutions and software.
“Your success tomorrow as a dairy farmer will be all about how you harness automation and information technology to create an on-farm integrated productivity and profitdriving system”
- DeLaval International

DeLaval symbol library

The foundation for the DeLaval interactive platform is a common symbol language for all types of interactive software and hardware interfaces.

There are over 200 symbols in the DeLaval symbol library today to create a consistent “look and feel” throughout the milk, barn and herd management systems. This enables DeLaval to meet local and international language, ergonomic and safety requirements.

Bull proof interaction

Our didactic and user friendly interaction designs are developed to have optimum workflow using high legibility and clear information hierarchies. The DeLaval UI platforms enable dairy farmers to be more efficient in their daily work by using interfaces for mobile devices, PC platforms and milking parlour equipment in a “Bull proof” milking environment.