“Function with style”

Krusell Multidapt®

In collaboration with Krusell, Reload developed and engineered a new generation attachment system for mobile and personal electronic devices. As smartphones and personal mobile devices become thinner, so do their covers and pouches. The challenge was to create an improved version of the well-known Krusell Multidapt® system that would be slimmer, more attractive and fulfill new rigorous pull tests. The new flexible clip system was engineered to fully utilize the properties of plastics to minimize the part thickness and friction, improve durability and enable seamless integration into the leather casing construction. The new adapter system gives the end-user the freedom to easily change the way they carry their mobile fashion accessory – from clipped on the hip, attached to the belt or simply carried in the handbag.
“Aftermarket mobile accessories produced worldwide revenue of $26.5 billion in 2010, a figure that is expected to double by 2015. The market is being driven by the explosive growth in smartphone sales that consumers are willing to spend more on the accessories for them.”
- Industry expert