"Like running on air"

WISP RaceRunner is a fast and stable racerunner, one of a kind!
Prototype testing and evaluation
Final design - Product close up
Final design - Choose between aluminum or carbon fiber material
Final design - The product comes in size Medium, Large and X-Large

Wisp RaceRunner

WISP along with Reload Design created the modular RaceRunner to make it possible for everyone to stay active year-round on any terrain. Its introduction has revolutionized the parasport market by making racerunning accessible to more people, competitive athletes and enthusiasts. Its design has pushed the product’s perception beyond simply being a running aid to something that encourages prospective users to stay physically active. Along with its modularity, the RaceRunner’s improved usability and ergonomics further the user’s independence and freedom of mobility.

Our fantastic development team has together realized a dream, a RaceRunner that attracts runners both with and without disabilities, a paradigm shift for the sport.

The next generation RaceRunner.

Experience a day in the life of a RaceRunner!
Hear the story of the first Swedish RaceRunner