“Need for speed”

SWE-DISH CCT 120 Drive-Away

The Drive-Away 120 is the world’s fastest vehicle-based satellite uplink, designed for TV broadcasting and production companies that need to be first on the spot to broadcast live from the field. From the start of the project, we addressed mechanical and functional needs in order to create a technical platform that offered a low center of gravity, low weight and with few moveable parts in the antenna pod. Reload´s advanced CAD surface modeling capabilities shortened the project lead-time as well as enabled SWE-DISH to produce an aerodynamically optimized solution that enables broadcasting vehicles to maintain their road handling capabilities during high speed chases.
“An elegant solution for the hard-to-please market which is constantly paring its costs. Aerodynamic and simple to mount on a vehicle. An easy-to-use, high-quality and sturdy product”
- Motivation from the Jury SWEDISH DESIGN AWARD

Improved user experience

The challenge in the development of the new SWE-DISH CCT120 Drive-Away lay in creating a product solution that surpasses its predecessor in terms of mounting, service and maintenance. The final design solution enabled mounting time to be shortened from two days to one hour. The choice of materials reduced the production cost, and the different pod covers improved the Drive-Away’s ability to withstand adverse weather conditions – all resulting in improved customer experience, performance and significant cost advantages.