“Low dose design”

STILLE imagiQ2

STILLE was founded in 1841 and is one of the oldest medical device companies in the world today. The new STILLE imagiQ2 patient positioning system, designed by Reload, is the market’s first low dose tables developed for image-guided endovascular procedures. The imagiQ2 table tops are manufactured with a patented high performance carbon fiber polymer technology that ensures maximum transparency as well as patient and physician safety in the OR during radiology. The ultra slim design, integrated transport handles and the low profile foot enhance C-arm access, making the imagiQ2 an ideal complement for mobile Hybrid OR systems. The new design also offers an improved imaging table pan handle controller, resulting in safer and more successful endovascular and interventional procedures.
“The increase in radiation-related injuries is directly linked to the long exposure times and high doses sometimes experienced in our highly technologic interventional work”
- Louis K. Wagner, PhD in the monthly journal of Radiology