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It´s official! After two years of collaborating under the same roof, Reload Design and Myra will join forces and become one!

The cooperation will now continue under the name Myra Industriell Design. We look forward to the future and new possibilities with our existing and new customers. Together we will become an even stronger and more versatile team.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about this new and exciting chapter, or drop by our office for fika and coffee. You can find us at Glasbruksgatan 40 at Södermalm.

Find out more about Myra here,

ABB Next generation Cobots

ABB launches next generation cobots to unlock automation for new sectors and first-time users. ABB boosts YuMi® collaborative robot portfolio with GoFa™ and SWIFTI™ cobot families. Eight out of ten workplaces say they will increase use of robots in the next decade, pandemic cited as catalyst for accelerating investment in automation.

We, at Reload, are proud to be in the forefront of automation, helping small business cope better with the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

AprioCore® plus – Launched on the US market

AprioMed have recently launched their newest product on the US market, the AprioCore® plus. AprioCore® plus is a Semi-automatic biopsy needle that has been developed in close collaboration with healthcare practitioners and Reload Design.

The AprioCore® plus has been given an important place in the market with its unique short distal dead-space feature, and the improved user interaction which allows the user to reach further to collect a bigger sample in a more accurate way.

Finalist in Stora Designpriset 2020

Reload Design and RaceRunning Sweden have been nominated as one of five finalist in The Grand Design Award 2020, we are very proud that our user centered design approach in developing WISP RaceRunner has gotten such a recognition.

Thanks RaceRunning Sweden for the trust in Reload and our process.

Reddot award 2018 winner

Actiste by Brighter, one of our clients project previously sponsored by Vinnova and SVID in 2012 under the program “Design for better health” to communicate the importance of User Centric Design, has been awarded the prestigious Reddot design award. It represents the next-generation of medical devices that will drive behavioral changes and improve the lives of people with diabetes.

“It has been great to be able to contribute to the project with our knowledge and understanding of the end-user and their needs” says Fèlix Ferrer, Design Director at Reload Design.

Congratulations on such an amazing journey.

Coala Winner of the Publikens favorit at Stora Designpriset 2018

Reload and the Coala team are extremely proud that the Coala Heart Monitor was selected as the people’s choice at The Grand Design Award 2018.
The Grand Design Award 2018 (Stora Designpriset) is the only design award that measures sales, profitability and value creation.
The Coala Heart Monitor, a unique medical system that records your heart sounds and ECG in just a minute. Smart algorithms analyze in real time and detect for Atrial Fibrillation and other arrhythmia’s and murmurs. The results are presented in the Coala App and the Coala Care Cloud Portal; allowing a doctor from the Coala Care portal to evaluate and provide smart and fast remote assessments.

“It feels great to be able improve people’s lives with such a radical innovation” says Fèlix Ferrer, Design Director at Reload Design.

Follow your Heart with Coala and Reload Design!

Brighter nominated as a finalist at the Serendipity Challenge 2018

Serendipity Challenge is an annual entrepreneurship competition and tech venue open to all Swedish and Nordic startups and growth companies that aims to highlight Sweden and the Nordic region as hotbeds for innovative, emerging enterprises.

Actiste is a device that simplified treatment and monitoring of diabetes, by assimilating the most important diabetes care features in a single device, Actiste takes the pressure off the diabetic to remember all the equipment necessary for daily care: insulin pen, blood sampler, blood glucose meter, test strips, needles, lancets and log book.

Actiste gives individuals the chance to better mange their diabetes and allow them to have a better quality lifestyle.

Congratulations to the Brighter team form Reload!

Finalist in Stora Designpriset 2018

Reload and Coala Life have been nominated as one of five finalist in The Grand Design Award 2018, we are very proud that our user centered design approach for developing Coala Heart Monitor has gotten such a recognition.

Thanks Coala Life for the trust on Reload and our process.

Coala Life won “Best Pitch 2017” on Sweden Demo Day!

Demo Day is the largest event of its kind in Sweden where entrepreneurs and investors meet. This year’s event hosted over 1,600 people, of which 600 where entrepreneurs. It is great to see the amazing support that one of our latest collaborations is getting. #SweDemoDay

Reload Design is looking for new talents

Reload Design is always looking for new talents within industrial design, let us hear from you. Apply now.

Global Frame Agreement with DeLaval

Reload Design and DeLaval International signs a Global Frame Agreement for broad range of design and engineering consultancy services.

“Reload has successfully delivered design services for DeLaval since 1997. This agreement is a natural step in our collaboration and will enable us to broaden our consultancy services to all of DeLaval global R&D centers” – Tor Bonnier, CEO at Reload Design AB.

DeLaval has more than 130 years of experience in the dairy business, supporting dairy farmers in managing their farms, their way. DeLaval develops, manufactures and distributes equipment and complete systems for milk production and animal husbandry. DeLaval is a company of the Tetra Laval Group.

neXus Cidron by Reload

neXus; leading international provider of security solutions and services, launches Cidron – their first proprietary family of smart card & pin pad readers.

The 2 year partnership with Reload resulted in a turnkey solution, where Reload has been responsible for design, engineering and procurement of manufacturing. The Cidron range of products has been designed to support all types of door environments and have a design that can easily be tailored to neXus customer requirements.

“There is no equivalent to Cidron on the market today, and we see a great need for readers who are future-proof and can be configured based on individual business needs “ said Freddie Parrman, CEO at neXus

ABB expands its collaboration with Reload

Reload Design has since 2011 collaborated with ABB Robotics to develop design strategies, guidelines and industrial designs for its industrial robot product range. The new collaboration further extends the scope of Reloads design services to include ABB Robots & Applications (R&A) solutions out of Barcelona.

Reload, First Supplier to LIGHTLAB

LIGHTLAB appoints Reload Design as a first supplier for product design services. LIGHTLAB, a Swedish light technology developer, pioneers a mercury free and eco friendly indoor light source for home owners. LightLab Sweden AB was founded in 1996 and is today publically traded at Stockholm Stock Exchange. Reload has since 2012 collaborated with LIGHTLAB in developing their light technology demonstrators and light bulb designs.

Reload speaker at Industri Forum 2014

Fèlix Ferrer, Director of Product Design, has been invited to the Industri Forum 2014 to give parliament leaders and political officials a modern image of the design industry and its importance, as well as an understanding of what it takes to provide good conditions for industrial activities in Sweden. The knowledge they gain at the Industry Forum will make it easier for them to pursue policies that will create growth and jobs in Sweden.

The 2014 Forum is driven by Teknikföretagen together with Unionen, IF Metall and Sveriges Ingenjörer.

Winner of People’s Choice Award!

Reload and Stille team is extremely proud that imagiQ2 was selected as the people’s choice by 3000+ people at The Grand Design Award 2014.
The Grand Design Award 2014 (Stora Designpriset) is the only design award that measures sales, profitability and value creation. “It proves that design pays and that the public understand the health benefits of good design” says Tor Bonnier, CEO of Reload Design.

Finalist in Stora Designpriset

Reload and Stille imagiQ2 have been selected, out of over 130 entries, as one of five finalist in The Grand Design Award 2014.

Trendspotting in Barcelona

In the wake of GSMA Reload visited this vibrant multi-cultural city to meet with clients, gather inspiration for upcoming projects and enjoy some tapas!
Barna is the perfect place for life style and telecom trend spotting, as the population is considered an early adopter and consumer of new technologies.

ABB Robotics Launches 7th generation robots

The next generation ABB industrial robot, designed by Reload Design, was launched at IREX 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. The IRB 6700 series represents a new industrial design era for ABB Robotics, with focus on improving serviceability and reduce the total cost of ownership.

The goal of the collaboration has been to unite ABB Robotics manipulator assortment under one product design strategy. The new product design language enables ABB Robotics to comply with ABB Group branding strategy, while empowering R&D to develop distinct and lean robot designs.


Welcome back!
Greetings from the Reload design team.


We are proud to announce our collaboration with AprioMed; an innovative medical device company with a primary focuses on interventional radiology. Reload looks forward to be developing innovative products in close collaboration with AprioMed R&D team and healthcare professionals to achieve optimal solutions for percutaneous interventions and medical procedures.

Speaker at Dagens Industri’s Innovation Seminar

On Dec 17th, Thomas Herrström, head of new business development at Reload will hold a presentation for a select group of Sweden’s top corporate representatives on how to successfully gain brand equity through prudent design stewardship and strategic product design.

Tour of the fairs

We will tour the Mobile Homes, Electricity, Packaging, Real Estate, Robotics, Park and Cleaning, and more fairs this fall to seek out nitch market leaders, industry insights and new B2B product design benchmarks.

Fall season kick off!

The reinforced Reload team set off to an inspirational “blue sky and deep waters” excursion to the island of Grinda in the Stockholm archipelago, for water adventure, delicious food and new ideas. The energy level is higher than it ever as we are all looking forward to an existing fall and winter season.

New Business Developer, Thomas Herrström

Reload has geared up for the new season by strengthening its business development team. Thomas is an Industrial Designer with a multi-disciplinary background and a big heart for the combining business and design. (more…)

Start Tel Aviv! 2013

Tor Bonnier, CEO of Reload Design will participate in the Jury of the Startup competition – Start Tel Aviv! 2013. A competition to find Sweden’s most exiting startup company within web, mobile or security. Winners from 14 countries will meet investors, angels and entrepreneurs as well as participate at the DLD (Digital-Life-Design) Conference in Tel Aviv between 14th -16th of October.

Summer vacation

Reload will close its office for the month of July. Judging by our designer’s summer plans, the best place for creative minds to relax is on the beach. See you in August!

Low dose design

Now its clinically proven! The STILLE imagiQ2 table, designed by Reload. The new clinical study proves that table reduces C-arm radiation exposure up to 20% relative to STILLE first generation imagiQ. Radiation exposure is a major concern for clinical staff and patient community. The carbon fiber table top of the STILLE imagiQ2 reduces the harmful radiation exposure during image-guided endovascular procedures. For more information:

User Centric Design

Reload Design is featured in videos produced by the Vinnova, Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems and SVID, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation to communicate the importance of User centric design. Of the numerous projects initiated by Vinnova and SVID in 2012 under the program “Design for better health”, Reload Design and its clients were chosen to represent 2 of the 3 projects featured in these informative videos. To see the videos please use the following links:

Industrial “power glove”

Reload receives contract to develop a new Bioservo SEM Glove design for industrial applications. Bioservo’s innovative SEM™Glove (Soft Extra Muscle Glove) adds extra grip strength to allow for intensive work. A new design aims to empower users of hand held tools in industrial applications. The new SEM glove will reduce repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) as well as enabling operators to perform more precise and powerful tasks. For more information about the SEM Glove visit:

Interactive milking

DeLaval launches a new IDD (Interactive Data Display) – a user interface designed by Reload to conveniently display herd managements and milking data in the milking parlour and barn environments. The new intuitive and interactive user interface is especially designed to be robust and easy to use and read in challenging farm environments. The new IDD UI is the latest in a series of new interactive designs Reload has developed for DeLaval International.

Now hiring

We are hiring a senior-level business developer who is passionate about growth to join and drive Reload’s expansion.

The Reload experience

We welcome Isabel Andersson to the Reload team as an intern from Umeå Institute of Design! Reload collaborates with best national and international design institutes and schools, offering long-term internships to help preparing top designers for the job market.

Reload & Brighter in SVD

Our successful collaboration with Brighter AB is featured in MediaPlanet Industrial Design edition “Innovation & entrepreneurship” together with daily newspaper, Svenska Dagbladet (SVD). The article illustrates the importance of having user centric designers involved in the product development process. Brighther CEO, Truls Sjöstedt sums up the collaboration saying “The designer dared to ask the questions that had not been raised before, giving us an outside perspective, necessary for the work to proceed forward in the right direction”. Want to know more?

Bright and sustainable ideas

LightLab Sweden AB continues the development of their sustainable mercury-free light technology, FEL (Field Emission Light). LightLab presents the first prototypes designed by Reload, at a shareholder meeting in November. The prototypes are an important part of LighLab’s road to develop a cost effective and viable light bulb that can rapidly be industrialized for China and other International markets.

Proper patient positioning

Reload is excited to continue our collaboration with Stille AB to develop their next generation patient chairs for gynecological and urological examinations. The Sonesta chair is one of the worlds most recognized gynecological chairs on the market with more than 7000 units installed on the global market.

Design for Health

Reload secures financing for 2 of its MedTech clients as SVID and Vinnova are sponsoring companies to invest in design that is relevant to the human health and wellbeing.

Reload keeps growing

Reload is getting even more international! We are happy to welcome Jere Lallo from Finland and Heidi Farrell from San Francisco to the Reload team.

Simplifying insulin treatment

Brighter AB is making the world a simpler place for diabetics and we are proud to be working with them to achieve that goal.


The Reload team attended the Umeå Institute of Design thesis presentation. We met the latest crop of talented designers and caught up with colleagues in the design school community.

ID Solutions for every situation

Together with PAS Card we are taking on the challenge to develop and engineer the next generation ID solutions & access control systems.

Surgical precision

The world’s oldest medtech company, Stille AB, has asked Reload to design the next generation of operating tables called imagiQ.

A new way to make light

LightLab has developed a revolutionary light engine that is mercury-free, instant on, energy efficient and cheap to mass produce. Reload has designed and produced two professional demo-kit suitcases that will transport and showcase the product to potential partners around the world.

The future of Robotics

The “consumerfication” of B2B products continues. Industrial design is increasingly important in industry, and ABB Robotics has engaged Reload to develop a coherent design strategy for their past and future robots. We will then apply the guidelines in the design of a new robot.

Reload is growing

We are happy to welcome Markus Stridsberg to the Reload team. Markus has a MFA from Umeå Institute of Design and has previously worked with companies such as Philips and KISKA.

Robots, robots, robots

Robots galore!
When engineers are presenting their latest robots at IREX 2011, the world’s largest Robot trade show, it is a show of colours, dancing synchronized robots and an amazing variety in end users. Reload is in Tokyo at the request of ABB Robotics to make a benchmark study with a design perspective.

International expansion

We officially open the Reload Design branch office in Taipei, Taiwan.

Welcome back!

We welcome SWE-DISH back and are happy to assist the development of new exciting products.

Waiting for wind

Vacation time usually has something to do with wind, sailing, kitesurfing or going for a spin in the old E-type.
We wish everyone happy and sunny holidays.

Reload goes running

We take full advantage of having the office close to the beautiful Djurgården in Stockholm, by getting some exercise or going for a swim during lunch hour.


Reload is exploring new watch design that will enable Triwa to continue to excite customers around the world with fashionable colors, details and materials.


Reload goes to Duluth, Atlanta to establish new business opportunities. Stay tuned for more information…


We are looking for an ID intern to join the Reload team.

Stockholm Furniture Fair

The Reload team visits the Stockholm furniture fair to see the latest trends in interior design.

CES 2011

Reload visits CES 2011 in Las Vegas to see the launch of the new Ericsson MBR W37.

Reload at EuroTier 2010

DeLaval launches the DeLaval AMR to the public and global media in a custom built pavilion designed by Reload. The AMR booth provides a glimpse into the future of how DeLaval milking systems will combine latest design, automation and interaction to create a revolution in the dairy industry

A world innovation and a gold award

The DeLaval AMR (Automatic Milking Rotary), the world’s first automatic milking rotary, received The EuroTier Gold Medal for Innovation. DeLaval collaborated extensively with Reload on this project to create a system which will revolutionize the dairy industry by combining new robotic technology, superior interaction, ergonomics, branding and “bull proof” engineering and aesthetics. To read more, please visit:

“The fully automatic milking carousel looks like a fitness studio for stressed out city cows” – Der Spiegel, Germany

The race is on!

Reload receives a contract for Design Engineering services by Panthera AB, producer of the world’s lightest sport, active and everyday wheelchairs.

Reload for North America

Reload has received a contract from a major telecom supplier in the North American market. The project is aimed at Canadian and US mobile operators and will enable them to reach new rural customer segments that lack fixed line broadband access. More to come soon!

Summer time is here

Reload will close its office for the month of July. The best place for creative thoughts is from your hammock or in a kayak! See you in August with fresh ideas and new projects.

Reload celebrates at Design S

Reload takes the stage at the Design S award. We were nominated for our work on the SWE-DISH DA 120 satellite terminal.

Reload fires a Bullit

Triwa launches The Bullit, their latest watch collection inspired by the 60’s & 70’s race track icons. Reload assisted in identifying and implementing key design details to create this trendy retro look for the urban rebel.

Reload Design nominated to Design S

SWE-DISH DA 120 satellite terminal was chosen from 200 entries as one of 31 nominees for the prestigious Design S award. Design S singles out creative and innovative solutions in every imaginable area of products, services and environments, regardless of the design field. Read more at:

CheckMate is launched!

ITAB launches its new cashier desk CheckMate at the EasyFairs Retail 2010 show in Kista, Stockholm. Checkmate has been specifically developed for low manufacturing and shipping costs while maintaining high ergonomic standards.

Life begins at 168 Mbit/sec

Ericsson unveils 2 concept Mobile Broad band Routers (MBR) designed by Reload at GSMA Barcelona. The MBR’s were developed to showcase Ericsson´s superior HSPA technology and to prove that life starts at 168 Mbit/sek.

Watch Reload!

Triwa, Sweden’s most sought after watch brand, signs a cooperation agreement with Reload to develop new generation watches and POS displays for the fashion-minded consumer.