Selected work — Interaction

Coala Heart Monitor

Coala Life AB was founded in 2015 with the launch of their first product, the Coala Heart Monitor. Reload Design has been a partner throughout the product’s development by leading the user and strategic research, designing the heart monitor itself, the Coala Pro, its accessories, promotional material, packaging and assisting in the GUI and app […]

Ericsson Mobile Broadband Routers

The second generation of Ericsson Mobile Broadband Router (MBR), was developed by a multinational team of suppliers, where Reload was directly responsible for the development of the product design, packaging design, communication and sales materials. The MBR is available today for both 3G and 4G networks, offering speeds between 7,2-100 Mbps. The performance and capabilities […]

Optea Veo+ AW

Optea, a Stockholm based startup, teamed together with Reload to develop the world’s first line of splash-proof, ultra-portable, wireless DLP projectors for extreme environments. The Optea VEO+AW projector is designed and constructed using waterproof IP-65 modules, rugged enough to withstand harsh desert, jungle and arctic environments. This all-weather mobile personal projector is ideal for entertainment […]

NeXus Cidron Card Reader Family

A security card reader system has many user needs to take into consideration. The property owner, architects, installer, service technician and finally the end user pressing the buttons. After interviews, field tests and desk research, Reload designed the perfect buttons that is easy to see and press under all circumstances. The installation work flow is […]

DeLaval interaction design

DeLaval milking systems are being used every day by over 1 million farmers in more than 100 markets. Reload has collaborated with DeLaval to create & implement “One user experience” in all of DeLaval dairy and herd management systems with the mission of shortening learning curves …


DBL 100 is an RFID-based locking system for the multi-family housing market which can be centrally reprogrammed to accommodate changes in building tenants. The challenge was to develop a modern and adaptive locking system to meet the needs of architects and builders. To achieve this, Reload combined three market trends: “Techno Consumerism” – inspired by […]

Hypercom Optimum P2100

The Optimum series was designed by Reload to fulfill the complex certifications demanded by the EMEA region including the Disability Discrimination Act required for retailers throughout Europe. The Optimum T2100 & P2100 is a portfolio of powerful, multi-application point-of-sale (POS) card payment solutions combining both swipe and smart card readers that are secure and easy […]

Mobile telephone “PAN AM”

In a pioneering project with Trety LTD & DFG Deutsche Fernsprecher GmbH, Reload developed a new mobile telephone solution for senior citizens. The Baby boomers generation is a curious and young at heart customer group always looking to travel to new destinations and to experience new cultures. The PAN AM concept was therefore developed using […]