Selected work — Brand

Sonesta Urology chair

Sonesta is today the leading brand in the area of urodynamic diagnostics, and widely requested within urology, gynecology, and fluoroscopy procedures. Being well aware of the fact that higher patient satisfaction improves both the quality of result and treatment outcome, Sonesta always have the patient safety and comfort top of mind. The Sonesta urology chairs […]

AprioCore® plus

AprioMed develops, manufactures innovative medical devices and related services within the field of interventional radiology. In close collaboration with healthcare practitioners, AprioMed aims to innovative quality tools and achieve the most favorable solutions for radiologists worldwide. Reload Design has been a vital partner throughout the development of AprioCore®, by leading the user research and design […]

Coala Heart Monitor

Coala Life AB was founded in 2015 with the launch of their first product, the Coala Heart Monitor. Reload Design has been a partner throughout the product’s development by leading the user and strategic research, designing the heart monitor itself, the Coala Pro, its accessories, promotional material, packaging and assisting in the GUI and app […]

Wisp RaceRunner

WISP along with Reload Design created the modular RaceRunner to make it possible for everyone to stay active year-round on any terrain. Its introduction has revolutionized the parasport market by making racerunning accessible to more people, competitive athletes and enthusiasts. Its design has pushed the product’s perception beyond simply being a running aid to something […]

Stille imagiQ2

STILLE was founded in 1841 and is one of the oldest medical device companies in the world today. The new STILLE imagiQ2 patient positioning system, designed by Reload, is the market’s first low dose tables developed for image-guided endovascular procedures. The imagiQ2 table tops are manufactured with a patented high performance carbon fiber polymer technology […]

Ericsson Mobile Broadband Routers

The second generation of Ericsson Mobile Broadband Router (MBR), was developed by a multinational team of suppliers, where Reload was directly responsible for the development of the product design, packaging design, communication and sales materials. The MBR is available today for both 3G and 4G networks, offering speeds between 7,2-100 Mbps. The performance and capabilities […]

Optea Veo+ AW

Optea, a Stockholm based startup, teamed together with Reload to develop the world’s first line of splash-proof, ultra-portable, wireless DLP projectors for extreme environments. The Optea VEO+AW projector is designed and constructed using waterproof IP-65 modules, rugged enough to withstand harsh desert, jungle and arctic environments. This all-weather mobile personal projector is ideal for entertainment […]

DeLaval Mini Swinging Brush

The well-being of the animal is key in the diary industry. One way to keep the animal happy and healthy is to give them a nice relaxing massage. Reload was driving the mechanical and design concepts to a product that was easy to install, adjust and at the same time robust and aligned with the […]

ABB Next generation Cobots

ABB launches next generation cobots to unlock automation for new sectors and first-time users. ABB boosts YuMi® collaborative robot portfolio with GoFa™ and SWIFTI™ cobot families. Eight out of ten workplaces say they will increase use of robots in the next decade, pandemic cited as catalyst for accelerating investment in automation. We, at Reload, are […]

Panthera S2 Swing

Panthera, the maker of the world’s lightest wheelchairs, contracted Reload to develop an innovative new release mechanism for their best-selling S2 Swing wheelchair. The mechanical design improvements on the movable leg support resulted in lower part count, simplified …

ABB IRB 8700

Brand alignment and low cost of ownership where driving factors in the design development of IRB 8700 Industrial robot targeted for the automotive industry. During the design process, high focus was set on efficient manufacturing and material utilization, which made it possible to achieve the goal to create the strongest and fastest robot ever built […]

NeXus Cidron Card Reader Family

A security card reader system has many user needs to take into consideration. The property owner, architects, installer, service technician and finally the end user pressing the buttons. After interviews, field tests and desk research, Reload designed the perfect buttons that is easy to see and press under all circumstances. The installation work flow is […]

DeLaval CL 6000 LED Lamp

Increasing efficiency in the diary industry is a driving factor. By utilizing specific wavelengths for the illumination in the barn, energy consumption can be reduced by 75%, and at the same time increase the milk production. Reload created radical design and manufacturing concepts and brought it all the way to a commercial solution.

Aastra 7000ip series

The Dialog 7000ip telephone series is the latest generation of business phones developed for the MX-ON® IP PBX system. Reload was awarded the large design development of the new telephone range based on our extensive experience developing user-friendly and efficient ITC systems. First to be developed was the 7446ip premium model, requiring in-depth 3D CAD […]

SWE-DISH CCT 120 Drive-Away

The Drive-Away 120 is the world’s fastest vehicle-based satellite uplink, designed for TV broadcasting and production companies that need to be first on the spot to broadcast live from the field. From the start of the project, we addressed mechanical and functional needs in order to create a technical platform that offered a low center […]

MYDATA MY100 Series

What started as an optimization project to improve MYDATA Agiles magazines developed into a 3 year collaboration to define and implement the design of MYDATA next generation of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) pick and place system, MY100. The design development process required in-depth user behavior and ergonomic research at customer sites. 3D concept development with […]

Krusell Multidapt®

In collaboration with Krusell, Reload developed and engineered a new generation attachment system for mobile and personal electronic devices. As smartphones and personal mobile devices become thinner, so do their covers and pouches. The challenge was to create an improved version of the well-known Krusell Multidapt® system that would be slimmer, more attractive and fulfill […]


The SWE-DISH® IPT Suitcase satellite system was developed to be the world’s most compact and quickest-to-air satellite system. As a pioneering SME in the satellite communications market, the IPT (Internet Protocol Terminal) Suitcase became the foundation for the company’s corporate identity. The successful design with simple and robust functions in combination with high-tech materials has […]

LightLab anti-roll light bulb

The opportunity to develop a new light bulb technology occurs once in a lifetime. When LightLab, a Swedish light technology developer, was ready to commercialize 16 years of its field emission research, into commercially viable lighting products, they turned to Reload Design for engineering, prototyping and design development. The first LightLab bulb design set out […]