“Welcome to Reload Archive”

Reload design team has accumulated over 100 years of experience in developing memorable, user friendly and commercially successful product designs. The Reload archives offer a snapshot of our rich and diversified design heritage. They exemplify collaborations with startups to industry leaders. High-Tech to Fun-tech and from projects with global ambitions to niched market solutions.

Ericsson Cobra

The Cobra concept is a Reload re-design with a fresh take on the design classic, “Ericofon” alias “Cobra”. The reinvented cordless Cobra handset is a perfect communication sculpture for the young, design-minded consumer. Its unique form and design ensured it a place in the permanent collection of The National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ericsson Dialog 4000 IP

The Dialog 4000 Digital and IP telephone family is the third generation business phone system that Reload has designed for Ericsson AB. The Dialog 4000 series sets itself apart from earlier generations by combining IP technology with Scandinavian design esthetics. The design strategy was to accentuate the speaker function, improve handset ergonomics and interface usability in order to remind end users that fixed telephony delivers superior fidelity and performance for the business environment. Today the Dialog 4000 series is sold under the Aastra brand. With over 10 Million units delivered, the success of the Dialog 4000 design has placed it in the National museum’s permanent modern design collection in Stockholm, Sweden.

M2 Engineering SQ20

The SQ20 is M2:s fastest Blue Ray production and replication solution. Our mission was to create an efficient and robust design that reflected M2 corporate identity and their market commitment to high quality manufacturing of Blue Ray dics. Special attention was paid to the ergonomics and usability in order to improve the systems throughput and performance.

Fujitsu Lifebook

Through a long relationship with Fujitsu, Reload has developed a variety of user-friendly laptops, keyboards, monitors and tower PCs to compliment sophisticated and ergonomic office environments. The Lifebook concept was developed to test and evaluate new multimedia design functionalities for the growing “business-consumer” market in EU, US and Japan.


The partnership between Proligo and Reload has generated several well recognized urban transaction terminals. The Quickomat, developed by Proligo, is a self-service ticket terminal which was deployed and operated in cooperation with public transport companies. The design is simple, robust and compact, yet highly visible in the urban environment. The system enables commuters to quickly purchase tickets for public transportation, events and parking. Online services includes as well refilling mobile SIM cash cards.

Axlon RS

The Axlon RS is a secure and convenient cash handling system that reduces security risks and improves the customers flow in retail environments such as convenience stores and hypermarkets. The design strategy was to develop and implement a simple and efficient design solution that enabled the equipment to be easily integrated into existing cashier tills and check-out desks. Special attention was put on developing superior usability for handling and transferring coins and bills in the “back office” environment using a specially developed transfer case and deposit unit.

UBI ScanPlus

Reload has an extensive experience in developing designs for printers and POS barcode scanners for the retail and transport industry. These rugged, ergonomic and user friendly products can be seen in airport check-in counters, on the cashiers desk and wherever there is the need for efficient sales delivery and merchandising.

Ericsson W35 MBR

The Ericsson W30 / 35 Mobile Broadband Router provides users with voice, fax and high speed internet accessibility using 3G/ HSPA and WLAN capabilities The Ericsson W35 MBR was launched at the GSMA Mobile world congress 2009. The unit design aims to satisfy North American operators, with the need to offer a simple and easy to use wireless broadband solution for small office and home applications. In September 2008 the Ericsson W30 / 35 received the prestigious InfoVision Award, by the International Engineering Consortium, in the category Broadband Appliances, Devices, and Home Networking.

Micronic Omega 6000

In a high-tech and dust-free environment, usability and ergonomics are paramount for minimizing the operator interaction with sensitive laser mask writers and pattern generators. The Omega 6000 and Sigma system, designed by Reload incorporates a fully adjustable display and control pod, enabling operators to effortlessly overview the set up and running phases of the manufacturing process of LCD displays.

Kibion Heliprobe

The Kibion Heliprobe system, initially developed by Noster AB, is a breath test system for detecting the presence of the gastric ulcer bacterium – Helicobacter pylori. The Helicobacter pylori bacteria are one of the main causes of common stomach ulcers which can also lead to stomach cancer. Reloads responsibility entailed developing a corporate identity for Noster AB, product and packaging design for the hardware and consumable parts of the Heliprobe system. The moveable system is well suited for hospitals and infirmaries to quickly test patients for Helicobacter pylori in a cost-effective and non-invasive method.

Centara speaker system

The Centara Allegra MRT speaker system was designed by Reload to satisfy the most fickle audiophile. The speakers are constructed using thin titanium profiles in combination with other high-end materials to create the perfect concert sound. The towering 185 cm tall Allegra MRT-185 is guaranteed to be the centerpiece of any sound connoisseur’s home.

AquaPlay canal systems

AquaPlay is the original water play system for children. Its inventive and playful designs have made it the leading brand in this niche of the toy market. Reload has designed a variety of themed water-world accessories in order to spark each child’s vivid imagination and curiosity.

DeLaval VMS

The cow friendly VMS (Voluntary Milking System) from DeLaval was designed to meet the farmer’s need for simplicity. Advanced robot technologies are neatly packaged to create cow-friendly environment. The design of the first generation VMS was an important starting point for DeLaval new brand design language now being implemented on all milking systems, products and components.

Allgon Twin antenna

Reload has designed several internal and external antennas for Allgon Mobile Communication Systems. Our mission was to develop integrated, sleek and aerodynamic products for the growing aftermarket of automobile mobile accessories. The Twin Dual Band is currently sold by Smarteq.

Ericsson MINI-LINK

The Mini-Link E to TN is our second-generation design development for Ericsson’s point to point microwave transmission equipment. Our main goals were to improve the MINI-LINK’s identity and usability pertaining to deployment and service. The MINI-LINK transmission solutions popularity is partially credited to its compact and ergonomic design that has ensured a market share of more than 40 percent. The MINI-LINK is one of Ericsson’s most lucrative and flexible microwave products with estimated production of quarter of a million radio units per annum.

Cash Card terminals

Creating a strong identity for this new venue of cash transactions was our main goal. Since the first product was introduced, there is now an entire product family, which offers a variety of online services for the urban environment.

Reload in movies

Several products designed by Reload, have been featured in blockbuster movies as a means to create product and brand recognition for our clients. One of the most memorable product placement activities Reload has been involved with was the development of a pocket size Ericsson antenna featured in the Hamilton movie from 1998. The foldable satellite antenna featured in the movie, saves the main character, Carl Hamilton (Swedish military intelligence officer) acted by Peter Stormare, from certain death in Libyan Desert.