"Clean bright light”

Final design of the LightLab anti-roll light bulb
Initial design concept sketches and feature ideas
Final design of the LightLab anti-roll light bulb
Mobile technology demonstrator kits for sales meetings
Internal component placement

LightLab anti-roll light bulb

The opportunity to develop a new light bulb technology occurs once in a lifetime. When LightLab, a Swedish light technology developer, was ready to commercialize 16 years of its field emission research, into commercially viable lighting products, they turned to Reload Design for engineering, prototyping and design development. The first LightLab bulb design set out to solve 3 main challenges; high volume manufacturing, performance and function as well as recognizable and iconic design. The result of the in depth design process was a solution that showcased LightLab unique mercury free FEL technology through the bulbs diffusor window. The bulbs asymmetrical design improves the bulbs handgrip as well as enables a smart and integrated solution for branding and product marking. The bulbs patented “anti-roll off” diffusor offers a comforting and smart alternative to today’s 3,3 billion CFL (Compact fluorescent light) bulbs consumers.

While energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps consume less electricity and lead to less emissions from power plants, they do contain mercury – a hazardous material.

EU Commission, Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER)

From advanced technology to simple solutions

The modern household incandescent light bulb, invented in 1879 by Thomas Edison has come to end of its life with EU, USA, India & China banning most standard bulb wattages by the end of 2012. This encourages the development and use of alternative lighting sources such as LED and CFL lights. However, these technologies are either cost prohibited or environmentally hazardous. In order to meet market demands for a cost effective, easy to adapt light alternative, Reload developed a simple housing design for the bulbs to drive electronics and anode diffusor that could be easily adapted to high volume production without losing the original design intent.

Demonstrator kits to market new technologies

In order to strategically market the LightLab new environmentally friendly field emission technology, Reload developed and produced a series of mobile technology demonstrator kits for sales meetings with suppliers, manufacturers and customers. The demonstrator kits were an important marketing tool for LightLab to showcase their technology solutions to secure contracts, R&D funding and market acceptance.