“AC / DC”

Emerson Network Power Actura

Emerson acquired Ericsson Energy Systems in April 2000. As a result, Reload was given the challenge to design a new modular power system – Actura for Emerson Network Power group. In order to carve out Emerson´s own identity in this product segment, Reload developed a Product Design Program that included a Product Design Language and a Product Graphic Manual for the new power system. The focus of the industrial design services was to create “One look and feel” throughout the system regardless of component sourcing and customer configurations. The emphasis of the hardware ID was to enable flexibility in hardware configuration and reduced time for on-site installation. The intelligent cabinet monitoring system & GUI provided both operational and maintenance savings.
“Optimizing energy efficiency will not only reduce environmental impact, it will also cut network costs and help to make communication more affordable for everyone.”
- Ericsson AB

The Actura Product Graphic Design Manual

The Actura Product Graphic Design Manual, was developed to improve the system’s functionalities. Graphic elements such as logotype placement, size, function commands, barcodes and colour fields were addressed and defined in order to create a common thread throughout the system’s interior components. The guideline was developed to be readily accessible for Emerson hardware engineers to ensure design continuity in the development of all future accessories and components for the Actura system.