“Simply Comfortable”

Dometic product design guidelines

In collaboration with the Dometic Design Centre and marketing team, Reload developed the first generation Dometic product design guidelines. The goal of the document was to improve corporate product design communication and to implement a unified design language within Dometic organization. The product design guidelines are applicable for all Dometic interior, exterior, integrated and peripheral products. The guidelines are an important tool, which allow the Dometic Design Centre to harmonize the product design throughout Dometic’s large product portfolio for the Caravan and Marine markets. Dometic Design center is currently using the 5th generation of product design guidelines in their daily design coordination work.
“Design is one of the key elements in building our brand, and an essential factor for our success. The Dometic product design guidelines enable our product design to be in line with the values defined in ‘The Dometic Brand’. Follow them, and you will be part of creating a strong Dometic brand. If our brand is strong, our future success is guaranteed”
- Lars Johansson, President and CEO

Dometic product design language

The Dometic product design language is based on a family of design elements, five of which are unique to the Dometic Group. By consistently incorporating these design elements in innovative end-user solutions, Dometic will set itself apart from its competitors and secure its brand identity and their brand values.


Simply Comfortable

The design of Dometic products is driven by the same values that underpin the Dometic brand: freedom, activity, reliability, quality and comfort. These values are closely related to customer needs in the recreation vehicle and marine markets. People want to experience freedom and activity without compromising reliability, quality, and comfort. The brand values are therefore a natural cornerstone of the Dometic design language: “Simply Comfortable”