“Design ownership”

DeLaval Flow Design

A brand is a promise. Any product labeled DeLaval promises customers that they will gain better control over their milk production. To clearly communicate this promise, Reload has developed and implemented the DeLaval Flow product design language over the past 10 years. This unique design language enables R&D, marketing and OEM suppliers to consistently develop “on brand”, efficient, robust and user friendly system, consumable and aftermarket goods. The implementation of the DeLaval Flow product design language is an integrated part of DeLaval R&D process today, enabling their world-wide development centers to maintain a uniform product design throughout DeLaval product portfolios.
“The design manual ”DeLaval Flow Design” sets a concrete example of the design management in a company with an offer that is very complex. It explains how the company and its range of products should relate to customers and users.”
- Motivation from the Jury, The Grand Award of Design

DeLaval Flow Design philosophy

The DeLaval Flow product design language is based on a philosophy that all systems and product solutions should be soft, harmonious and relaxed, to promote “Cow comfort” and the well-being of the end user. Form and surfaces are defined as “continuous movements” in multiple directions much like the twisting and turning of a river through a landscape. A DeLaval Flow form does not have a definitive beginning or end, emphasizing that the product design is holistic and integrated.


DeLaval Flow Product Design Guideline

The purpose of the DeLaval product design guideline is to inspire designers, engineers and OEM suppliers to consistently integrate a set of form, graphics, colours, patterns and material standards. The 3rd generation of these guidelines also includes design for packaging, aftermarket products and graphic user interfaces.

As a strategic design partner, Reload is responsible for continuously updating the guideline as well as promoting “design thinking” through design seminars, forums and other collaborative activities with DeLaval marketing, R&D, product owners and management.