Final design NeXus Cidron Card Reader Family - Configuration solutions
Nexus - Internal component placement
Initial design concept sketches
Final product in use
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NeXus Cidron Card Reader Family

A security card reader system has many user needs to take into consideration. The property owner, architects, installer, service technician and finally the end user pressing the buttons.

After interviews, field tests and desk research, Reload designed the perfect buttons that is easy to see and press under all circumstances. The installation work flow is optimized with easy to assemble connection plinths. All visible parts of the readers are customizable for any branding or unique color scheme.

There is no equivalent to Cidron on the market today, and we see a great need for readers who are future-proof and can be configured based on individual business needs

Freddie Parrman, CEO at neXus

Full range delivery

Reload was responsible for all development phases from analysis to mechanical design of all plastic parts, including design of 2K molds and silicon keypads. Perfect illumination on all light pipes and buttons was achieved by doing advanced illumination calculations.

Internal product components