“Design for millions”

Aastra 7000ip series

The Dialog 7000ip telephone series is the latest generation of business phones developed for the MX-ON® IP PBX system. Reload was awarded the large design development of the new telephone range based on our extensive experience developing user-friendly and efficient ITC systems. First to be developed was the 7446ip premium model, requiring in-depth 3D CAD development and prototyping in order to develop, test and validate all the telephone’s revolutionary functionalities including the vertical handset, small footprint, touch sensitive display with browsing capabilities, USB port, as well as self-labelling soft keys to mimic the intuitiveness and ease-of-use of smartphones. In 2008, Aastra acquired Ericsson Enterprise. Soon thereafter Reload continued the design development of the Aastra Business, Standard and Entry level models that cater to business needs for sophisticated, ergonomic and cost effective communications systems.
“Within the business market, corded IP phones remain the standard, and will continue to dominate the enterprise IP phone market throughout the forecast period. New research forecasts IP phone shipments to exceed 40 million units in 2015”
- Research and Markets