"Ultimate Patient Positioning"

The S2 and S3 Urology chairs have a broad user area and are being used in multiple ways and contexts
Initial design concepts for the Sonesta Urology chair
Evaluation of current product
Evaluation of current product - Initial improvement areas
Initial design concept sketches and configuration ideas
Initial mechanical and configuration ideas

Sonesta Urology chair

Sonesta is today the leading brand in the area of urodynamic diagnostics, and widely requested within urology, gynecology, and fluoroscopy procedures. Being well aware of the fact that higher patient satisfaction improves both the quality of result and treatment outcome, Sonesta always have the patient safety and comfort top of mind.

The Sonesta urology chairs has a wide range of accessories and the user-friendly design creates the most versatile chairs on the market. The ultimate patient positioning chairs with infinite positioning creates a pleasant and ergonomic user experience as well as ultimate patient comfort.

Reload became a vital partner in the research and development of the Sonesta chair, leading the design, interaction, and user studies, that resulted in the final strategy realized in the design development and mechanical engineering of Sonesta.

A close collaboration between design and in-house engineering ensured that the design intent was maintained and implemented accurately all the way into production, minimizing the risks of late manufacturing changes during production. Thus, allowing Sonesta to be manufactured and delivered to customers in a prompt and timely manner.

The most versatile chair on the market.

These videos showcases the S2 and S3 chair which are used in hospitals, clinics and offices for examinations and procedures such as: urodynamics, pelvic muscle rehabilitation, cystoscopy, ultrasound, vasectomy, colposcopy, biopsy and gynecologic procedures.