“4G for rural America”

Ericsson Mobile Broadband Routers

The second generation of Ericsson Mobile Broadband Router (MBR), was developed by a multinational team of suppliers, where Reload was directly responsible for the development of the product design, packaging design, communication and sales materials. The MBR is available today for both 3G and 4G networks, offering speeds between 7,2-100 Mbps.
”The performance and capabilities of 4G LTE will be unmatched in the marketplace, allowing customers to do things never before possible in a wireless environment”
- Verizon Wireless

A bold design for a new identity

The Ericsson MBR “Crystalline design” product language was developed to be edgy, daring and highly visibly both on the store shelf and in the home. The MBR is designed for customization as over 50% of Ericsson customers are expected to either brand or co-brand the product and its packaging.


One customer experience

The MBR packaging range ties both the product design language and the corporate identity into one complete customer experience, which starts the moment the customer steps into their preferred broadband operator retail or web store.