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Coala Heart Monitor

Coala Life AB was founded in 2015 with the launch of their first product, the Coala Heart Monitor. Reload Design has been a partner throughout the product’s development by leading the user and strategic research, designing the heart monitor itself, the Coala Pro, its accessories, promotional material, packaging and assisting in the GUI and app development.While the Coala is primarily used for preventive care, detecting early signs of heart diseases, it also represents an evolution in the heart monitor sector with its improved accuracy, reliability, ergonomics and usability. The Coala Life is a robust ecosystem containing the Coala Heart Monitor, recorded data, and healthcare provider input to provide accurate diagnostic information.

The Coala, packaging and quick installation guide were designed to make the product as simple as possible for first time users. It provides a unique user experience from purchase, to installation, while delivering quick online access to healthcare professionals. Coala Life is a system that helps you improve your lifestyle while giving you a simple solution for your everyday life.

“We believe in a world where mankind is digitized, connected and screened for early detection and disease prevention.”
- Coala Life

Coala Pro. Used by leading Swedish healthcare providers.


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