"Reach further"

Initial design concept sketches and feature ideas
Design concept refinement
Scale 1:1, 3D printed prototype to see and try how the proportions feel in the hand
Prototype evaluation with the customer
Color coded product family

AprioCore® plus

AprioMed develops, manufactures innovative medical devices and related services within the field of interventional radiology. In close collaboration with healthcare practitioners, AprioMed aims to innovative quality tools and achieve the most favorable solutions for radiologists worldwide.

Reload Design has been a vital partner throughout the development of AprioCore®, by leading the user research and design interaction strategy implemented during the development of the semi-automatic biopsy needle.

AprioCore® plus is intended for use in obtaining core biopsy specimens from soft tissue such as breast, kidney, liver, lung, thyroid, lymph nodes and various soft tissue masses performed under image guidance techniques for soft-tissue biopsy.

The product design enables a better usage for the healthcare personnel. The design of the specimen release feature eliminates the risk of misfire during removal of specimen, which means that any malignant cells are protected and cannot spread further in the body.

The AprioCore® plus has been given an important place in the market with its unique short distal dead-space feature, and the improved user interaction which allows the user to reach further to collect a bigger sample in a more accurate way.

Added value for both clinicians and patients


AprioCore® plus.
AprioMed aim to deliver, in close collaboration with healthcare practitioners, innovative quality tools to achieve the most favorable solutions for radiologists worldwide.

AprioCore® plus biopsy gun inserted to acquire specimens.