Mini swinging brush MSB

DeLaval Mini Swinging Brush

The well-being of the animal is key in the diary industry. One way to keep the animal happy and healthy is to give them a nice relaxing massage. Reload was driving the mechanical and design concepts to a product that …


Panthera S2 Swing

Panthera, the maker of the world’s lightest wheelchairs, contracted Reload to develop an innovative new release mechanism for their best-selling S2 Swing wheelchair. The mechanical design improvements on the movable leg support resulted in lower part count, simplified …

1-1 Nexus Featured

neXus Cidron Card Reader Family

A security card reader system has many user needs to take into consideration. The property owner, architects, installer, service technician and finally the end user pressing the buttons. After interviews, field tests and desk research, Reload designed the perfect buttons …


Aastra 7000ip series

The Dialog 7000ip telephone series is the latest generation of business phones developed for the MX-ON® IP PBX system. Reload was awarded the large design development of the new telephone range based on our extensive experience developing user-friendly and efficient …


Krusell Multidapt®

In collaboration with Krusell, Reload developed and engineered a new generation attachment system for mobile and personal electronic devices. As smartphones and personal mobile devices become thinner, so do their covers and pouches. The challenge was to create an improved …


LightLab anti-roll light bulb

The opportunity to develop a new light bulb technology occurs once in a lifetime. When LightLab, a Swedish light technology developer, was ready to commercialize 16 years of its field emission research, into commercially viable lighting products, they turned to …